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The overall necessity for coffee is astounding. We in Melbourne are all ready considered a huge part of coffee culture throughout the world, but give it another 5 years and I recon there will be no denying Melbourne Australia is the coffee capital of the world.

We live in the lucky country. Some call it Gods country. We have a huge amount of resources  and are a powerful country in terms of export/import.

It’s easy then, for Melbourne people to focus and hone in on a passionable aspect of their lives. This is a good thing. No, it’s a great thing! This is just one of the reasons that Melbourne coffee has come as far as it has. We are able to be so precise on everything coffee related. The science is sometimes mind-boggling!

In saying this, Melbourne roasters and baristas have a duty to be the best and to bring the best. I believe that the passion we show as baristas is paramount in this quest.


^^^^ How awesome of an opportunity do we have?!?!

People will gravitate towards passionate beings. That’s not there to be proven, it’s common sense. Coffee stimulates all sences. Touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. Once again this common sense, but what’s the 6th sense? Us. We. You. Me. The coffee addicts are the fuel for the industry. Fuel for the importing power, fuel for the job opportunities and fuel for our bodies. Never mind the health benefits (that’s for another post) coffee brings us together. Creates community, regularity and amnesty.

Why amnesty? Because there isn’t a right or wrong when it comes to coffee. It’s a partnership between barista and bean to create a beverage that best serves the origin of the bean. When coffee is made with an understanding, the rest flows out from the group handle.

Making amazing coffee is easy when you understand the bean. I am asked by a lot of people, ‘how do I make good coffee at home?’

I answer first with, ‘what beans are you using?’ Rather then ‘how fast is your extraction?’  This will endear me to the customer rather then point out they must be doing something wrong.

Coffee is about harmony. From grower to roaster to cup, there MUST be respect. I’m not saying Melbourne roasters lack respect, but when one looks deeper into say, the ‘Golden Bean’ competition, it is possible to find something different then what you might expect. For example, a couple of years ago a particular franchises’ blend won a gold award at the said completion. (I won’t name names. That’s not my place.)  I knew/know this franchise quite well and know who roasts their coffee and what beans are used, (at least to an origin) but then I found that I could not get a cup of coffee at said franchise of the quality I was expecting from a gold winner. I made sure the coffee was made to a high standard, I’m that guy that peers over to watch the barista make the coffee, and asks all those questions that lesser experienced baristas might not know the answer to.

Keep in mind this is a likely senario as franchisees will tend to hire cheaper/younger workers and put up with a general lack of experience. But I know that the more people work, the more experience they gain. <this is a good thing.


I refuse to belive that a national company would put a certain blend of beans into packaging that would state it is the blend patrons should expect from said franchise, just to win a competition. I look for the positives all the time. But for the life of me, after fairly extensive trials and research I came to the conclusion that the winning blend was totally different to the coffee that comes in the same package delivered to the franchise.

I’m not saying this to have a dig at whoever. My goal is to be rid of the secrecy within the coffee industry. I love to share and involve people in what I do and there are plenty of coffee companies that do the same, but I want to take this to the next level!

Ask me anything people! Ask what beans are in my blends. I would love to share. What, why when and how. These are the questions that will involve more Australians in making quality coffee. Which in itself is what will bring Australia the status of the Coffee Capital Of The World. And what’s more, we will be able to prove it!





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